COVID-19 Response Statement and Resources

As a leader in digital patient engagement, Epion Health is in a unique position to be able to offer fast and impactful solutions to help providers effectively deliver healthcare in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Starting on March 10th, Epion enacted multiple initiatives aimed at providing quick and easy support to providers on the front lines of this crisis. The initiatives are described below, with the associated links for more information.

As we continue to innovate over the next days and weeks, we will update this page and communicate via email and social media the availability of additional programs.

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At Home Check-in: No Charge for New PreVisit Users Through May.

Epion is not charging for our PreVisit product through at least May of this year. Epion PreVisit allows patients to complete essential check-in steps needed before a telehealth or physical office visit. This offer is available to any account not currently using PreVisit.

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Telehealth Integration

Epion’s PreVisit functionality is compatible telemedicine solutions that use the native EHR/PM calendar functionality. 

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REDOX COVID-19 Partner

Epion will be one of the participating vendors joining an effort led by Redox to offer a suite of technologies FREE of charge through June of this year, to health organizations using any of the many Redox-integrated EHR platforms.

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iPad Cleaning Instructions

Many of Epion’s customers use iPads for in-office check-in. Epion has released instructions on how to properly clean iPads between uses, keeping staff and patients safe.

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Configurable COVID-19 Messaging

Allows providers with the ability to select from different patient instructions, explaining how to get the healthcare they need, in light of COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Screening Questions

We offer multiple ways to screen patients for the Coronavirus. Epion has provided our clients with specific instructions on how to implement these questions and include them in our check-in process.

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Epion is Here to Help

Please reach out with any questions about these programs or anything else we can help you with. Please consider us a resource in your arsenal to fight this virus. We have established a COVID -19 Task Force, trained to support our customers and the greater healthcare community. 

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