Digital Patient Check-In for AdvancedMD

Use Epion Check-In with AdvancedMD and take your patient engagement to new levels! Collect complete patient data before in-office or telehealth appointments.

  • Contact Information
  • Insurance Card Images
  • Demographics
  • Clinical History
  • Consent Forms

100% contactless check-in!

Data flow AMD

Complete Data Collection

Complete upstream data collection for better quality and faster exam time.

Real-time bidirectional time updates to AdvancedMD, so data never gets lost!


Powerful Controls

Using the Epion Rules Engine, clients can control required steps, fields, validations and payment settings, based on appointment type, provider and patient record information.

  • Optimize data collection for each patient
  • Maximize Payments
  • Deliver a Better patient experience
Check in Steps for John
Cascade 3 screens for AMD

Fully Integrated with AdvancedMD

Epion Check-In is a reliable, supported, and continuously improved-upon SaaS platform, providing AdvancedMD users with fast and low-risk access to measurable and repeatable results.

  • Get 60% to 90% pre-appointment patient utilization
  • 100% contactless data collection
  • 90%+ Patient Satisfaction
  • Highest rated customer support


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